New Vert slide sucks

A recent build changed the way vertext slide works. Now it choses the vertex slide path depending on where the mouse pointer is.

Previously shift-v then click the direction to slide; it was also possible to slide further than the outer bounds of the mesh. In affect continuing the vertext along a path.

The old way was more versatile; is there something in preferences that allows oe to chose, or could we revert to the old method?

The rip tool uses the same concept in which it uses the mouse pointer, but I don’t see a whole lot of complaining about that, it also would theoretically not have a big impact on workflow if it’s easily accessible with a couple of hotkey presses (which I think this tool you can now simply do by way of pressing ‘G’ twice).

Also, I don’t quite get where it would be very useful to have it slide further than the bounds of the mesh where it would potentially lead to overlapping/bow-tie geometry. That is unless one could implement a way to auto-merge the boundary edge with the verticies being slid to enforce sound geometry.

You can constrain to a specific edge by holding alt. For the other functionality…Your wish is my command.

having 2 vertex slide tools just because of some minor difference would be silly.

So the only issue I can see from your post is you don’t want the values clamped between -1 and 1?

I found the new behavior more intuitive and fast than the old one, the only problem is that like many tools the viewport freeze the user can not rotate, pan, or zoom

Committed, Alt removes clamping too.

@kakachiex2 - mixing view operations with transform would be really tricky - mmb is used for constraining axis, mouse wheel for example is used in proportional-editmode. Alt+Shift+Ctrl are used in transform as well as many view modes — I dont think this is practical.

Many software have introduce this behavior and is really weird wen you activated the [ C-selection ] and the tools freeze the viewport and you can not rotate, pan or zoom, is more intuitive whit the tool active you have the option to rotate around the model and select rotate selct, pan select the same for the extrude tool. the Knife tool have this behavior and is awesome.

you can add this as an option in the imput panel and activated it via shortcut :eyebrowlift:
wen this happens you can’t switch to other tools for example im in B-selection and want to switch to C-selection,

in this video i activate the extrude tool in hexagon and while the tool is active i can rotate pan or zoom, the same can be accomplished in max, silo, voidworld and many others…

Sure this can be done, but we would need quite different keymaps, transform currently uses most combinations of mouse buttons and ctrl/alt/shift.

Some of the operators (ie bevel and this one) don’t utilise MMB, maybe that could be unlocked for those which don’t use it?

btw on a semi related note, BIG THANKS to whoever implemented x/y direction change for shear tool!

it was really useful in cases like hard-surface modeling, if you wanted to push a vertex on a hard edge further along the perpendicular edge without just grabbing it and hoping you’re keeping your edges straight. i’m not sure if that makes sense, since i used the word “edge” in two different contexts. i’ve put that “aspect” of vertex slide, whether it was considered a bug or not, to great use in hard surface modeling.

@Writer’s Block - i completely agree. i was really surprised by whatever the change was, and i found it extremely finicky and hard to control. i was hoping that was just a bug, as i saw something in the svn commit logs about vertex slide fixes. so i svn up’d and recompiled the next day. haven’t tested it out yet though…

if it’s simply new functionality, it’s completely obliterated one very useful aspect of vertex slide.

for vertex slide? i’ll have to try this out. if so, i’ll have to eat my words and apologize for my first post, hah.

edit: yep. alt does the trick. my bad, i shoulda just read the whole thread first. thanks, Psy-Fi!

My spontaneous reaction (alt-change already in) was that New Vert slide ROCKS. No complaints about finickyness from this corner.

To illustrate ohsnapitsjoels point, just use alt-slide on the corner of a standard cube. The negative direction is more “edge axis-constrained transform” than “slide”, but it’s a very useful operation.
In the positive direction verts will always collide at 1, but I’m sure there’s some viable usage for that too.
(yeah: if multiple verts are sliding, “always collide at 1” isn’t true)

Haven’t quite figured out Even/flipped. “Even” slides vertices on a shared edgeloop while keeping their original spacing. And similar effect for weirder selections. So far, so good.
Toggling Flipped requires Even to already be activated, but gives the impression of… a snapped version of non-even behaviour.

New gg vertex slide is smooth. Thanks to all who were involved in that.

“Even+flipped” is for edge slide.

it works for vertex slide as well. its quite useful