NEW Vertigo screenshots!:)

Yeah yeah, i know it took a LONG time to get this new set out…but its just that weve been working hard lately and havnt found a whole lot of time to shoot some…weve developed alot of the systems for the game and have started to bolt it together now, so progress is moving along smoothly…but anyways, here are the shots…
These are shots of in-game areas with the interface and all of the systems working…
A shot of a possible cut scene…weve got the programming down for easily inserting scenes, but we havnt actually created any full scenes yet…
these three are in-game shots without the interface…i also added some extra vertex paint and superimposed a sky for these three to sort of give a better picture of what the game could look like soon…weve got basic designs and sketches of the weather/sky system but we havnt actually created it yet…also we dont have a realtime lighting system incorporated yet either, but we’ll be getting that up eventually with day/night progression…

A major reason why we were prompted to release more screens is because we need some more crewmembers. We desperatly need some new programmers and designers asap because even though weve done alot already with this game, theres still alot more work left…We could use soundfx/music engineers and cg cut scene artists as well but we mainly just need talented programmers and designers(game art)…so, if youre interested please either PM me here or email me :slight_smile:

If you want some more info about what the game is all about then go to…you should find some info about vertigo under “games”…

welp, guess thats it for now…what do you all think of the game so far from what you can see in the still images? would you like to see us release an animation or a small demo sometime?

It looks very promissing, especially the interface. I’m really curious on the interface, gameplay and the worlds :stuck_out_tongue: Keep working on it. I can’t join, because I joined another studio called Methodize that was before named Brainstorm Studio. And I’m working on my own cool python game project, totally running on python in Blender’s game engine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like JD said… looks very promising… and cool too…
I can’t comment any longer… I have no time
good luck!

wow! it looks fun! could you release a small demo eventualy?

We will be releasing a demo eventually, how soon depends on if we can get any more help with the project. We’re probably not too far off being able to compile one, but there are several gaps we’d need to fill first.

This lookes Much better then i thaught it would, i cant wait thil the game comes. good luck :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


… yeah, that pretty much summs it up

The main character’s shirt looks like it is cut out from the picture… it’s just black… :slight_smile:

Steve’s shirt is a work in progress :wink: We may be adding armor over the top as well.

thanks for the comments everyone. :slight_smile:

but yeah, steves face looks great but the clothes need alot of work still…

yes i would have to say the clothes need work are you gonna use the textures for injuries i gave u in there???

probably not…atleast not right now…you see, were just trying to get the basic mechanics of the game working before we start adding extra features like cuts, dismembered limbs, etc.

ok dude just wondering and all.

You did it with the game engine??? I don’t belive!!!
Very very nice!!! :smiley: :slight_smile:

:o Yow!!! How?

Very very very nice!

haha, thanks for the encouragement guys! :smiley:

but yeah, it was 100% made with blender(except the textures ofcourse)…


thats just what happens when good, dedicated artist’s come together to work and collaborate towards something good 8) …

Yea, but brainstorm studio slow to a hult at least this one is still active.

Yeah, AI_Capone, I talked to Blender_owl a while ago, but it seams the teams working on dracolith and such, will be active in the next holiday working on some things. But for now the forum is still a problem. :-?