New Video Card? (and other stupid cliche topics)

Geforce MX440. That’s my current -and crappy- video card. It doesn’t even have pixel shaders! It’s been good enough for blender so I hadn’t wanted to upgrade it. I don’t play games much, if at all anymore, my last game I got almost two years ago which was KOTOR1.

What I’ve played the most is Morrowind, so I was really excited when I heard they (bethesda softworks) was working on Oblivion, the sequel to Morrowind. That was almost a year ago and at that time I hadn’t thought much of upgrading for it. The release date -though it hasn’t been exactly announced- is “holidays 2005” and most of the retailers either say 5th of Dec. or 27th of Nov., about a month away.

My PC:
AthlonXP 2400+ (2.0ghz Thoroughbred)
1 GB PC3200/DDR400 RAM (Value? from Crucial)

After reading some posts on their forums I think these specs should be suffiecient to run the game. Though not fantastic or optimal I can still play without too much interuption.

My video card however will need to be upgraded. After some research I’ve decided on the NVIDIA 6600 series. They seem like a decent card. My PSU will need to upgraded from a 350w to something higher so I just got a thermaltake 430w which had all good reviews from newegg customers (something like 40 some odd reviews). I didn’t bother to measure my case until after it shipped so I’ll need to take my blow hole fan out and screw it to the top of the case. Ghetto. 8)

Anyway my question is more along the lines of which brand and card to get. It’s going to be AGP 8x since my mobo isn’t PCI Express capable.

There’s two different cards I’ve picked out on newegg:

Chaintech Geforce 6600
AOpen Geforce 6600GT

The chaintech which is a 256mb card has a core clock of 300mhz and a ram bus clock of 500mhz. The AOpen which is a 6600GT has an almost twice as fast core clock at 500mhz and an almost twice as fast ram clock at 900mhz, however it has twice as less ram at only 128mb.

So which is better? A slower bus and a slower gpu and more ram, or (seemingly) much faster core and ram clocks but far less ram?

The difference in money or power draw (between these two cards) doesn’t matter. Nor should heat as I’m looking at a slot fan cooler as well.

Thanks for reading the whole, I know it’s long. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mods, get this guy outta here and lock this thread!!! him and his stupid cliche topics…i would get the faster one with the less ram…unless u wanna overclock the slower one with the more ram, but i don’t think u wanna do that…i have an fx 5900 nvidia, specs are along the lines of the faster but less ram, i play battlefield 2 with it, and i’m happy, blender is happy, and battlefield 2 is ok with it, not settings on high, but medium is good, and it allows me to frag with no lag, and yeah. so yeah, but that’s just me. also u should buy on ebay, everything is cheaper on ebay, sometimes…but yeah, go ebay, ebay forever!!!

i also would recommend the 6600GT, but i base this pureley on the fact that it sounds awesome-er.

The crazy thing is, we have almost identical systems, and i too was planning for the 6600 GT in my new setup, but im thinking of going the extra mile to PCI express.

good luck!

The GT is much superior to the standard.

The 6600GT is an extremely good card, and worth the money.

In conclusion: the GT.



Thanks for the comments guys. Hopefully my RMA’d mobo will get back this next week. It’ll be 3 weeks this monday since I sent it into them. It spent more time in their warehouse getting “repaired, refurbished or replaced” than it did in transit either way.

They’re getting a (snail mail!) letter from me this week, especially if it’s not a new board (or worse, my old board).

Anyways after I get my board and PSU in -and they’re working- I’ll order the card.

Anyone have any bad/good experience with AOpen, chaintech or eVGA?

I would choose the Geforce 6600 256MB buts thats only becasue I got one and i know they are reliable.
Fast and play every latest game to date at High specs.

I would beleave that the GT version is much more powerfuller but it may be wasted.