new video card, faces screwed up, nvidia too!

what it should look like(this is in ortho mode)

and heres the crappy one, this is when i switch to perspective mode.

i’m using windows 2000(i think it does the same thing in linux too(dirvers are nvidia in linux))

MSI MX440-VTD8x (MS-8888)
dual display
384mb ram
1133mhz amd athlon tbird
blender 2.25 pub, and 2.23 creator
win2k sp3, and redhat linux, funny thing is this IS an nvidia board!!!

please fix this!!! [!] :-? :< :x :frowning: :expressionless:

i had a dice model, it did the same thing, i would like to know the answer just as much as you %|

Does the same with my GeforceTi4400 :frowning:
Never managed to get around it.

Try resizing your whole scene down including your meshes, lamps and camera.

This happens because the z-buffer (for depth) becomes less accurate when you’re viewing a larger scene because it has to encompas a larger area, especially with things farther away from the camera. The problem seems to go away when you’re viewing objects in a more confined space. In ortho mode, the Z-buffer becomes much more accurate because it doesn’t need it for perspective. Does that make any sence?

hehe, perfect sense.

and from what i gather from what you said, that’s unfixable, am i correct?

Except that the same thing never happened on my geforce256 card - so that cannot be my problem! :expressionless: Hopefully next time I update the drivers it will go away…! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestion though!

Makes sense to me. I’ve only seen this occur on my larger scale scenes.

I’ve always seen this defect on all the computers I’ve worked on. I thought it was just a common thing. You could see if “Force 16 Bit Depth Buffer” is checked in your OpenGL settings in your video card control panel (under display->settings->advanced->GeForce4 MX->OpenGL in Windows). It’s unchecked for me and didn’t make any difference.

I donwloaded RivaTuner so I can do low-level tweaking on my video card. I thought maybe there would be an option to increase z-buffer detail, but I haven’t found it yet. I didn’t look very hard though. I WAS able to overclock my videocard’s megahertz and memory timings by about 20% though:)

By the way, this display error only happens when there are two faces that are close together, and they’re far away from the camera. I haven’t tried this yet, but you could try turning off Double-Sided and making sure that your normals are recalculated… I’m on a dumb Mac OS 9.1 right now so I can’t try it.