NEW VIDEO - ChouChou animated entirely in BLENDER

ChouChou makes his 2nd appearance. This time with additional characters. Experimented more with squashy lattice animation and geometry nodes for the sugar. But mostly just good old fashioned home grown keyframe animation. #characters


Wow! Everything about that was amazing!

After watching I looked to see who did it, and realized it was Kyle, my old friend from back at CalArts! No wonder it is so good. Hi Kyle!


Hi Kyle,

Thanks for sharing this one.
Cool to see the ‘old’ master making films.

I followed and loved one of your masterclasses back in 2007? or so at the dutch institute for animated film. Still using what I learned back there.

Not sure if you’re looking for feedback, if so, read on, otherwise, thank you for sharing your work.

As a 3d artist I love the subtle use of 3D in the film, tasteful.
As an audience I love the cute vibe and personal touch, the connection between the character the chef.
As a chef I love cooking videos, especially when the process is shown, there’s so much more information present that way.

I wonder if the video could also be used in the kitchen as an actual guide to make the recipe.
Its currently somewhat of a blend between enjoying to see how its made and also somewhat of a recipe how to make it, but its not really either of those if you know what I mean.

That said, since this is a 3D forum after all, Stunning artwork and vision, hiding behind simplicity

Hello Henk!

I recognize you from your photo and was really happy to hear that you still find my formation from NIAF useful today!

I really appreciate your taking the time to write some feedback and can really see your point of view. The videos are sort of an in-between of entertainment and a tutorial. For the moment I have become occupied with other projects but would love to return back to this at some point. We actually shot a couple of other episode, its just the animation that takes the most time as I know you can appreciate.

Thanks so much for reaching out and your very kind words. I hope animation is treating you well!



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