New video texture in GE

Hi All,

Congrats to the team that did all the workd in 2.49 RC1. I am especially happy about the addition of a workable video texture after following Ashsid’s work over the last few years. Just a question…and I know that I’m asking for something here above the intention of the initial concept. Would it be possible to also use the sound in the video clips? This would really put the cherry on top of the cake! Thanks.

Keith R

Say yes, please! :wink:

one workaround would be to save the sound as a seperate file and play it using the sound actuator or PyGame, but there isn’t a built in way to do it that I know of.

As I said, it is a “nice-to-have”. I sometimes do presentations in Blender instead of Power Point, and it works well, so if I could also have the avi files with sound that would be great. I thought that I might try seperating the sound files, but this may just have sync issues. Maybe I’ll try it anyway. If the developers can just keep this in the back of their mind for the future, then maybe it can be done. Either way, this video texture is a giant leap forward to an already awesome package.

I agree, this should be considered one of the more important things for the bge as well as just a general improvement of how the game engine and blender handles sound. The majority of BGE games don’t come on disk so file size is a bit of an issue

I’m getting tired of using Pygame for sounds… SOMEONE IMPLEMENT MP3s ALREADY!:ba: seriously now… wavs are WAY too big to use in a game… at least let us use oggs :frowning:

You do realize that you must pay very expensive licensing fees to use MP3s in a commercial game, correct?

I’d rather see Ogg Vorbis support implemented. It’s an open format with comparable compression rates, and the sound quality is considerably better IMHO.

What’s “IMHO” mean?

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In my honest opinion.

I don’t think blender should waste money on the mp3 license, especially since so many programs get around it with the Lame codec.

I’d love .ogg support though, It’s a better format, just a bit under supported. Its easy to convert to and most people won’t ever notice or care what format the game they downloads sound is in as long as it sounds good and doesn’t eat their bandwidth

+1 to .ogg!
(ah, thanks)