New video tutorial - Dupliverts

I have a new video tutorial up - Its on Dupliverts. If 1 = newbie and 5 = expert I would rate this tutorial suitable for people in the 1.5-2.0 range. It also explains how the track buttons work. Its about 50Mb and approx. 20min. in length.

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Mirror thanks to Chimera (“save as” the following link)

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Mirror thanks to MacBlender (do a “save as”)
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Hi GreyBeard,

Thanks once again for your efforts. I checked but it was not there so i’m downloading it from the mirror. Maybe you can have a look when you have sometime

Thanks once again for your efforts. I checked but it was not there

Its there. It is a static web page so it may have been using the old page from your cache. Just hit refresh/reload or whatever you call it.

Anybody know the html syntax to make a page reload even if the user has it in their cache?


It’s not there for me either. (tried refresh)
All is see is the LCSM and Subdivision videos.

edit: HOLY C%$#!
770-780kb/sec download speed from the mirror. NICE

Its loading here (maybe it takes a while to propagate through ibiblio’s servers) ??? Weird!! Ok I’ll give a direct link to the file.


Its Okay now GreyBeard :D. It shows on the website.

Just great

Has anyone so far had any difficulty in playing this video? I did some mucking about with the file in order to boost the audio. Last time I did this it wasn’t that successful, so I tried a different route this time.


I downloaded it from both mirrors, the primary link didn’t work for me. Both have no sound that I can hear.


What OS are you using? I’ve tried windows (98 and 2000) and linux here and it worked fine. Strange???
I’m kind of embarrassed to ask :expressionless: are you sure you had your speakers on and your mixer wasn’t muted?


I was one of the people who had problems after you boosted the sound last time but i’m happy to report that this one works perfectly SIR !

Ok weird. No sound when I use winamp, but sounds just fine when I use WMP. Go figure. Awesome tute Greybeard, (as usual) :slight_smile:

Hey GreyBeard,

Tis is awesome… Its very good to follow and beside that, because i knew how to use dupli’s, i now understand how to take care of the axis…

Thanx a lot n keep on going… pleazzzze…

Twan. :smiley: