new video tutorial for jahshaka

eugene recently took the time to to produce a great new video tutorial for jahshaka 2(the only one that i know of), the tutorial is great and easy to follow along with. take a look

hey! that’s cool. take a look: at another piece of software that has been able to do that for about 5 years or more.

i know exactly what blender is capable of i was just posting that someone finally took the time to write/make a video tutorial for Jahshaka.

Cool. I’ve been interested in Jahshaka, but I wasn’t really sure what all it could do.

Dear Rexprime,

Where can I find that video tutorial?


Dear mkariuki,

check rexprime’s date post…04-02-2007!
Quite old!

Jahshaka seemed to have evolved into CineFX but looking at the very old last post on the main website announcing this and what appears to be multiple spam messages in the comments it may well be the same old history of a buggy here today/gone tomorrow/back again software that’s going nowhere.