New!! Virtual tour through the University of Informatics Science

This pictures belong to the Virtual Tour of the University of Informatic Science(La Habana). The Virtual Tour is not complete yet. This is a project developed by 5 students of informatic’s. Our application has one interface and a help. This developed with GLSL materials.
Enjoy the pictures.

We needed helps with the trees.
Please somebody that can indicate us ???

Cordial greetings.


Looks neat! Good luck with your work.

For trees you can use the script developed for the Big Buck Bunny project. In a script Window pick Wizards in the script menu and you should find “Tree from curves”.

There is link to a video tutorial for the BBB script on this page:

or have a look at the tree-generating scripts available here (the BBB script is also in the list):

looks great for a presentation! how did you guys created the map? could you share they way the interface works?

parace muy bueno para una presentacion. como has creado el mapa? sera posible esenar como funcciona el sistema de UI?