New Vray Installation does not show Vray in render dropdown

I wanted to try Vray again now that I have a little time but I only see Blender Internal, Blender Game and Cycles in the dropdown.

I installed the latest version as of today 2.73 from Chaosgroup’s website and also installed the standalone demo version of Vray (3.10.03) and have logged out and back in as per the instructions. I then run Blender with V-Ray Additions.

The instructions tell me that I should see Vray as a rendering option in the dropdown. Is the demo a timed demo? Maybe the last install ran me out of my demo time but I don’t see anything like that on their website.

If anyone knows or has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

Hi, as I have a Chaosgroup account too, I download latest Vray Blender 2.73 for Linux.
You have to enable Vray in the User Preferences / Addons.

Cheers, mib

Thank you!