New Wacom Tablet

I got my intuos wacom tablet a while ago but i just finished this picture and i’m trying to to do more hope you enjoy.


Not much to comment on at this point, but what you’ve got is cool. Did you paint solid black over the border of his arm at some point? It looks jagged; maybe that could be improved. I’ll certainly check this topic for more progress.

I have been researching Wacom tablets, so maybe you could answer a question. Is it worth paying extra for an intuos-sized tablet vs. a bamboo tablet?

Seems perhaps a bit too sharp in some areas and a bit too blurry in others, not bad though.

@Anayo: I’ve heard that a lot of people size wise like the 6x8, be it the Bamboo Fun medium or the Intuos3 6x8. I’ve also heard that people like the 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity of the Intuos vs. the 512 levels of the Bamboo. I personally don’t know though :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a Wacom Bamboo and it seems to be doing fine… considering its a lot cheaper than the Intuos and still has great quality. (except I cant draw so dont take my work as an example of a Bamboo)

The image is good but still not much to comment on yet. Are you going for a slightly toon look of realistic shading and toning?