New War of the Worlds Blender film project

(Roken) #61

I’m loving the whole look. I really hope that you see this through.

(Kadraeus) #62

The first two renders are probably my favorite. There is one thing I think I should point out about the third picture, though: the brick textures on the walls of the buildings are too obviously repeated. Maybe you can add some bricks sticking out from the wall in random places to break it up?

(GCharb) #63

I am very dedicated to this project, I will do all I can to see it done!

(GCharb) #64

Thanks for the comment, and yes, it does look repetitive, but when you look at old pictures they often do, dont know why, but I really should re work the textures for the brick wall! :slight_smile:

(GCharb) #65

Rendered a 360 of the Narrator character to have a better look, I am also working on the crowdfunding campaign page, I will post a temp link soon!

(Clockmender) #66

There are some super brick textures here - these are the “dirty seamless” collection, there are also other categories and they often don’t share repetitive patterns. You need to sign up to get them, many are free unless you want real high resolution.

Cheers, Clock.

PS. I really like where you are going with this and I love the original sound track. I have watched both the original and remake of the films, but did not like the remake at all.

(GCharb) #67

Thanks for the link, I also like cgtextures, will definitely look into it! :slight_smile:

(GCharb) #68

New character and some re renders.

(Dimitar) #69

really good work. Great texturing, except as mentioned the tiling bricks on the wall. Looking forward to see your progress!

(GCharb) #70

Did a quick texture test for the brick walls, way too clean for my taste, still a bit of repeating, I will look more into it!

(Roken) #71

Have you thought about procedural, perhaps with a grunge overlay.

(GCharb) #72

Hello Roken, and thanks for the link.

Yes I did, I thought it was way too clean, even with some AO and dirt, then I made a few tests using two versions of a brick map on top of each other and a procedural noise texture to mix them up, it looked okay, but in the end I will probably just create a full size map by hand, still the best way to di it IMHO!

(GCharb) #73

Latest updates to the main characters, today I will work on the artilleryman’s uniform, I have interesting references for it!

The Narrator

The Narrator’s wife

The Narrator’s brother

The Curate

(mcurt09) #74

Looking great! I think the chest anatomy is too visible through the shirt on The Curate. It sort of ruins the illusion of fabric in that area. Maybe just smooth it out a bit. Everything else is looking fantastic.

(GCharb) #75

I see what you mean, and I agree, in those days peoples weren’t really that cut, nor was the clothing, thanks, you have a good eye! :slight_smile:

(GCharb) #76

Started to work on the Artilleryman’s uniform in Marvelous Designer, I really love this software!

(GCharb) #77

The final for the Artilleryman’s uniform!

(fitz301) #78

Looks really good so far, although I noticed your horses are too stiff.

I don’t know if you are just testing them to see what they look like in the scene, and if you are then they’re just fine. But they will need some adjustment, very rarely do horses stand with their legs perfectly aligned with each other, horses shift their weight alot so at least one of them should have a leg with the “weight” removed. Lastly, ease up the pose on the horses since the one looks like a show horse standing at a attention, maybe move on of the ears since animals twitch their ears constantly to ward off insects, or in response to sounds. Basically, just loosen them up.

(GCharb) #79

Thanks for the hints, and yes, horses are a pita to pose and animate, to the point that I might completely get rid of them for the film, and use steam powered vehicles instead, I like the idea, very steampunkish! :slight_smile:

(GCharb) #80

This morning I realized that I forgot to connect the texture node for the sky, so I rendered some of the shots again, but properly this time, still haven’t gotten around to fix the tiled bricks, will try to do it before the launch of the crowdfunding campaign.