New Warships for RAN

Tried this - works best with night scene


May be that this is a night scene but it’s still too dark, I can hardly see your ships, let alone the details. Try to put some “moonlight” on the ships so we can see the details better.

The ships would probably have their own lights too(otherwise crew will not see anything :p) :wink:
And that helicopter might have a spotlight attached.

I can assure you from 25 years in the Navy, the ships have minimal lights and the helo does not have a spotlight.

This is a daylight view, don’t like it as much but the detail is easier to see I suppose.


Ah well nvm then :stuck_out_tongue: you know better :slight_smile:

The night scene has some real potential. I would stick with that one.

So what’s with the ship on the right? The left one looks like an Oliver Hazzard Perry, but the right one looks like a cross between an Arleigh Burke and a Ticonderoga. It doesn’t look like the bridge is in an optimal position in terms of visibility.

Nice work with the masts. They really draw my eye in the day shot.

The right one is the new air warfare destroyer which is based on the Spanish F100. I worked in Adelaide on that for 2 years and the left is the new Anzac ASMD frigate being refitted to HMAS PERTH right now.