New way to look over your scene data

Don’t know if i’ll ever use it seriously, but it sounds handy for those in professional design.

This is INCREDIBLY usefull for anything but the most trivial of scenes. The way it controls the modality of blender and the editbuttons is great.

Blender keeps getting cooler.


yes, something I’ve waited for LONG time… shift-f4 just isnt’ enough :slight_smile:

also now that it’s in, it gives us to ability to add some new things into blender, that were not possible before… (object locking for example).


OOPs has always been a really great way to intimidate the people looking over your shoulder into not asking any more frikin’ questions. They see that spiderweb and suddenly look like monkeys who saw a big black monolith. Then monkey says ‘ow. my head hurt, I leaving’.

THIS, on the other hand, is so damn useful those same people are going to now have a fighting chance at understanding how a scene works. Yeah, great.

(Seriously, this is a great addition and as always - Ton is the man.)

fantastic :smiley:


I think this is a vast improvement over the OOPS-tree, which is visually chaotic.

is it in the tuhpoo … something… I do not remember.
is it in the special, experimental version of blender ?
PS:does anyone know where is that uhpoo thing ? and what does it mean ?
c ya

in the latest cvs download over at

or check the forum under testing builds


Tuhopuu and the latest cvs versions can be found here (so people don’t ask later). Tuhopuu comes from two Finnish words: “tuho” (disaster/destruction) and “puu” (tree). It essentially means “evil tree.” The idea is that it’s a testing ground for features that could potentially break Blender… or something like that :-?

The Outliner will really help keep those huge scenes really easy to handle. But one must admit it is pretty funny when people stare at the OOPS window and try to figure out what’s going on.
The 2.35 release will be awesome… Like every other release.

Finish …
what the …

I thought those guys were duch like from netherlands
“evil tree” I guess they must have been smoking a whole one :slight_smile:

ok anyway thx for the info

Given the way Blender works I’m thinking there’s still things only that mess will make clear. (Objects sharing meshes would be more obvious by the looks of it).

Still, this is ace. Always good to have the option. Oddly this export script I was working on could do something similar entirely in Python (using the BGL thing!).

The Outliner is one of the most frequently used features in Maya. All professional artists use it to select specific nodes, create parent-child relationships, and the like. I’m estatic that Blender will have this as a feature!!

Well mainly right now i’m just someone who likes to make rendered images. I don’t know if or not i’ll go entirely professional with it.

By the looks of it, for me at least, this is very powerful and useful (and worthwhile for me to finally tackle :stuck_out_tongue: )

it actually is “tree of destruction” and not what you typed there :wink:

At one time I would have said an Outliner was crucial. But since using blender for a while I kind of like the free-form approach where you just draw and don’t worry about anything else. All those labels are lot of work. Kind of scarry, but I may agree with Kansas on this one.

Another thought. Outliner may be one step closer to parametric undo. How excellent would that be.