New Web Comic uses Blender and GIMP

Hi guys,

I’ve just begun to release pages of my new web-comic: PANDEIA. All the artwork is completely done using Blender and GIMP.

Pandeia is a story about a world where Earth’s moon no longer exists, instead we have a ring of orbiting debris. The days are slowly getting longer, and the Earth is in a slow, gradual decline. A mysterious power hidden deep in a remote desert may hold the key to bringing balance to the Earth, and perhaps even restore the moon.

If you like sci-fi, if you like action/adventure, or you just like web-comics, come and check it out! The ride has just begun!

Looks good. thumbs up :wink:

Good start! I wanna more!

are the characters 3D models or is Blender used just for the ships and backgrounds?

I’ll be releasing a tutorial/demo in a few weeks to show you just what is Blender and what is hand-drawn. :slight_smile: I think you’ll be surprised.