New web series (Superhero Fan Films)


Anyone interested in helping out with a new web series, taking the superhero genre to new levels. Each episode will have a different superhero come up against it, in the fight for their lives, following more of a survival horror twist, meaning each hero is put through the ringer before eventually winning the day. Alternate endings will become available to subscribers in which the bad guys win.

The first episode will be Batwoman as she tries to stop an arms deal and is captured in the process, becoming a prisoner, and tormented as she tries to escape.

I am looking for animators and modellers as well as voice actors and perhaps any writers who would like to get onboard.

Please contact if interested

hello i am junior 3d artist i can help you on that! for further contact email me at [email protected]

I’m sorry to say this, but fan films cannot be charged by making money from the copyright holders. If the rightful owners of your episodes’ characters finds them monetized, they’ll sue you for attempting to make cash from their characters.

If you’re trying to do that, they’ll even have you down from wherever you plan on putting the episodes on.

This is not to discourage you; I’m interested in watching it if they’ll be finished, but I’m not planning to join your future team by any means as I’m making my own web series in the anime genre.

Just wanted to clear something to you regarding the copyrighters. If you don’t already know that.

Hi I am an beginner i wanna help !! .
Can contact me at : [email protected]

Hi there! I’m a Brazillian actor/voice actor I would like to help with the project