New web series

Hey everyone, I’m new to this site so if this isn’t the propper place to show off my web series that im working on please let me know. Otherwise check out Pirate and Ninja and feel free to comment and give me suggestions on what else you’d like to see. Thank you.

From the look of things, I take it that you don’t have much experience in Blender, do you? The environment is bland. The line down the middle of the pirate character and the ninja was completely distracting. The walk cycle animation of the ninja needs work. You made the doorknobs on the doors way too big. The dialog of the entire story was boring for a three minute animation short. Also, one rule about being a ninja is not to tell everyone that you are a ninja. This could have been planned a lot more before actually posting it.

yea i am pretty new to blender so i agree with alot of things your saying. as far as the line down the center of them both, that happened because back when I made them both, i made them with a mirror modifier. so when i went back to animate them i couldn’t, or at least i couldn’t figure out how to make one side do something with having the other side do the same. so what i did was just turn off the mirror, duplicate the half, move it over, then scale it inside out and merge the sides. but now for some reason the lighting is all messed up at the merger, i also noticed that happening for every other merger (like their arm pits). If you could tell me how to fix this I would be sooooooo very grateful. You have a good eye to catch those door knobs, i knew they were a little big but i really didnt think anyone would notice, ill have to shrink them a lil. i’m trying to work on the dialog and the jokes by the way and im trying to think of some stuff to put up on the walls. But aside from all that, thanks so much for the input XeroShadow, and if you can check out my other videos and give me more tips, that would be great.

I like it. I’m looking into starting my own series as well. It needs work but EVERYTHING needs work. No matter how much work you put into something, it could always use work. In the entertainment business you must decide if the entertainment quality outweighs the graphic quality. I find it mildly entertaining though so keep it up. Don’t give up on it and don’t put so much quality into it that it will take too long to render.

To respond to the Mirror Modifier Issue, once you are done with modeling the entire thing, press the apply button on the modifier panel. That way the entire model is completed and you won’t have to duplicate one side to create the other. I could help you out every once in a while polishing the series along the way. Just don’t expect anything big since I’m working on my on animated series as well. For the time being, you can count me as an advisor.

ok so its been a little while but i finally got rid of those lines in their centers, thanks for that btw xero. and this is the new little opening title thing i just made today. as always I’m totally cool with any and all criticism, so let me know what you think.

Pay attention to your specular levels on certain objects that don’t need it.

sorry, but i don’t really know what you mean when you say specular, is that a sort of lighting option?