New Web Site

(Ben) #1

-I have redesigned my web site.There are a couple of new games and improved old ones.I have to add many other things as soon as I can.Anyway, the link is:


Happy Xmas to everyone all over the world!!!

Thanx Ben

(gargola) #2

very nice Ben! I’m downloading a game right now! :smiley:

(JD-multi) #3

Nice site with nice games, I download them to see how they do the design of the game and too see the effects. %|

(xintoc) #4

You fuin’ i*t. The game is locked… lol.
Only compress and Sign…

(Blender_owl) #5

nice games

(Ben) #6

-Maybe I have pressed the lock check button when saving.I’ll upload new versions soon and a new game i’m working on.Excuse me for the locked games.
Which games are locked?

Thank you for the comments!