New webpage

I have a new but uncomplete website showing off my artwork- including those made in blender.

I would like to know what you think of the design of the webpage and if I made it a little too simple or if I should jaz it up a bit more.


intro screen!?!?!?!

well, I don’t have much more I’m passionate on to add. The colors look okay, if a bit dull and uninteresting, and I do not see any glaring flaws with its behavior in firefox

the text in the navigation bar on the left doesn’t lign up right if the text sized is changed [bad!], and although not immedately apparent [assuming sufficent window size], the presence of frames annoys me.

to re-iterate the second thing that annoyed me


even iframes. I know that now the back button deals with them properly, but the improper lack of change in the address bar [which leaves users frequently searching from stuff at the root of a site], the ease at which another website could be stuck there [if you didn’t remember to link to another site in a new window], how frequently when the user decides to print, the wrong frame is printed [this is particularly bad in a computer lab, where it costs money to print and there is no visual feedback that a particular frame has been has been sent to the printer]

frames are handled a lot better in some browsers than others, but they are stil evil.

[that said, it is difficult to make and maintain a navigation bar constant across a bunch of pages without an app like dreamweaver or frontpage and/or without server-side scripting]

You probably also need to work on the links in the left sidebar - probably get rid of the underline, and maybe use a colour that complements the blue, so that the stand out. Also, looking at the source, it appears that you have all stylistic parameters inline. Maybe you could use CSS or somthing to make it easier to fiddle with the colours and spacings - Firefox has a very good plugin (webdevelopers toolbar or something) that lets you fiddle with the CSS on the fly - I highly recomend it.