New Website and Facebook Group

The last few weeks I worked on a new Website. This Website is about Blender other stuff which is related to Blender in one or the other Why.

Currently I am working on a real big Project for the CG Community. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile you can join the Blendersauce Facebook Group to be informed about Super Secret Blendersauce Project.

Blendersauce Facebook Group

The group is new and the count of Members are very low. So please help me to let the group grow :wink:

The Group is like the Website about all what is in some way connected with Blender. (Blender, Unity, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop and more) Feel free to post your WIPs or finished Projects.
The Group has just two simple rules. Your post should be CG related and the second rule is BE NICE! :wink:

Happy Blending