New website:

Any news on when it will be launched?



Great idea. What the logo is concerned, i’ll stick with cekuhnen’s. To me the second (opening up right) looks much better.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:

No news, sorry. I am just waiting for PayPal, and I don’t know how long that will take. So I will just let this thread rest and not write anything more until the website is online.

Thank you for your patience!

Hello Gustav.
I don’t think we have any need for one more Blenderforums for english speaking peoples.
I missing “SweBlend” for swedish speaking Blender workers.


Great job Gustav! Can’t wait to see more stuff from you on that site.

Just a quick status update. Today I finally received a mail from PayPal. After reviewing the documents I sent, they noticed that I had apparently been under 18 when I created the account many years ago. I honestly did not know that you couldn’t have PayPal unless you were 18, and that I am over 20 now doesn’t seem to matter. My account has been permanently closed, and I’ve been advised to create a new one.

Which means that I will have to go through this entire thing again… So yeah, don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:

Lurifax: Unfortunately I don’t see a market for Blender education in Swedish. There not so many Blender users to begin with, and to then limit it to just people from Sweden would… Well, the audience would just not be big enough. Especially not considering how good at English the average Swede is. No one I know has any problem follow along in English tutorials.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway :slight_smile:

Yep, Paypal can be a pain… I had my account frozen last year for 2 months because I logged in while traveling, apparently you have to tell them about your holiday plans :expressionless:

I’m really curious about your training material, have you done anything like this before? Do you have a youtube channel?

rather than doing nothing to the site while you wait for paypal, you might post some sample videos to generate interest in your products. because right now, being directed to a dormant site is not inspiring confidence. give us some idea about your abilities as a teacher and the product you want us to buy. i don’t know who you are or what your tutorials are really about so its difficult for me as a customer to know if what your selling is something i need, therefore, it is unlikely that i would buy it.
Take a look at for some ideas on promoting a tutorial store. even though i know nothing about the abilities of the guys there, after a few minutes watching the trailers i can understand that i want what they are offering.
so, yeah, basically be pro active with your site even though your not quite ready for the big sell. get something up there your customers can relate to and get hungry for whilst paypal sorts itself out

Why another Website for Blender training if we have CGCookie ?
It makes no sence to me, because CGCookie is pretty good already.

I wish you good luck anyway.

Kind regards

Variety and friendly competition are very much a good thing! I’m happy to hear you like CG Cookie but we really need more people pushing Blender-based businesses. This includes training sites, studios, etc. More the merrier!

The website is online now!

And here is the trailer for “Automatic Objects in Blender”

Head over to for some free tutorials.

I hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Gustav Nilsson

Congratulations on having the courage and the perseverance to do something you love.

Don’t feel that you can’t make changes to your logo at any time. It’s your logo, after all.

Advice: do tutorials on what you know how to do, and don’t bite off more than you can handle. You don’t have to have tutorials on every single feature.

Thank you, DruBan! :slight_smile: That is a very good advice. I will keep it in mind.

I would love comments and critique on the free videos, the website or just about anything. It helps me improve it! :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!


Wow!! Checked out a few of the videos and they look pretty impressive. Definitely a very useful yet under explained part of blender. Very clear and easy to understand instructions for (in my opinion) one of the most confusing parts of blender. My only question is how long are the purchased tutorial videos?

That is great to hear, Erroll! :slight_smile:

I do not know the final runtime since I have not recorded all the main tutorials yet. A wild guess would be that the entire DVD ends up being 5 hours long, but hopefully I can get it under 4 hours.

Making things shorter and more “precise” is harder, but better in my opinion. That is why I don’t want to put focus on the runtime on the website, since longer is not better. Turning this into a 10 hour DVD would be easier to do (and much easier to market) than doing the same thing in 4 hours, but the end result would be worse in my opinion.

I hope this answers your question!

EDIT: I should probably add this to the FAQ section. I bet more people wonder the same thing. Thanks for the heads up!

I don’t think using resolution of the videos as a selling point is a good idea. after I am for content I expect the quality of the video to be usable it doesn’t have to be blu-ray 60fps 12bit 1080p offer quality no quantity

Hello, larmannjan!

I am sorry, but I don’t see how that is something bad. If you just want the video quality to be usable, you can get it cheaper! Isn’t that a good thing for you personally? The same way you can save some money by buying DVD-movies instead of Blu-Ray :slight_smile:

The trailer looks very promising!

Drivers are something I’ve been curious about, but never explored, and you’re examples were really good.

Keep it up :slight_smile:

Hey thanks, Andrew! :slight_smile: It means a lot hearing that from you!

The trailer looks fantastic! I may have to pick this up :slight_smile: