New Website for Blender Image of Mine and also Photography
This is iLogs, an image logging website. I got the idea when I saw an upspring of vlogs (video logs) across the net, and realized that my 56K couldn’t upload those kind of files. So, what do I do? I build the iLog. It is a scripted admin system that will soon allow uploading of images along with your typed entry, but for now you specify the image url, and the height and width, and it does the rest. The script is actually based on my BlogWizard script, and modified to handle images now. I want a better thing than a gallery, so I made this.
The layout is the default for BlogWizard, and will likely change before the end of the week. Commenting system, which is part of the BlogWizard, will soon become active on the iLog site, and more features will be added.

The iLog scripts features:
Administration panel for easy adding/editing of posts
Smilies system
Commenting system
Fully templatable site (allowing PHP in templates) output to give full control to the true designers
PHP/mySQL scripting
Easy Install script (under a minute to install once all files are uploaded)

Commenting Control:
Turn comments on/off
Allow/disallow smilies in comments
Allow/disallow HTML in comments

Other Settings:
Date style for entries
Time style for entries
Date style for comments
Time style for comments
Number of entries to be displayed on index

Uploading of images
Auto-width/height determination
Control of alignment of image

Would this kind of thing be wanted by anyone in the community. It may be a month before I can get all the new features that I am thinking of in, but I would be glad to put it up for people to download if the want is there.

only complaint is that its a bit “Mactastic”

LOL, but i would be the guy to make somthing Wintastic so i can’t really talk :stuck_out_tongue:


lol, man I switched to Mac in February when I bought my PowerBook G4, and I am never going back. My home computer is a PC, and it totally bombs on big renders. I am going to be going to college for Multimedia/Web Design, so I needed a fast and reliable computer. And it was only $1700. :smiley:
On the layout, as I said it is the default for the program. That means I was too lazy to make something new. I am working, however, on a new format for the site that is not Mactastic. I made that layout last year as a joke when I had my PC, and now I have my Mac, and it matches. lol I like it, but it is so not an Image Journal layout. It so need some pazzaz.