new website using blender-generated graphics

hey there folks

my name is chris and i am the writer/producer/director/whatever for a collabrative movie project called


i have just got the website up and running and thought that i would get some publicity out there. the site graphics were created by me using blender and gimp on my linux box. this is also going to be a wip and a collab project using this forum to recruit and promote because i intend to use blender for the project. it is a superheros movie in the vein of batman/superman/fantastic 4 where i will film all of the backgrounds and then insert the digital characters and wha they will interact with…

anyways if anyone is interested visit the site at

and let me know what you think- also if anyone wish to help out visit the volunteer page and drop me a line or just email me at

[email protected]

and let me know what your talents are and what you are interested in doing.


Wrong forum for this stuff. Please ensure you post in the proper forum going forward.

Moved to News & Chat.


wait a sec it was in the right forum…

i don’t want to piss anyone off but the website- especially the front was made in blender and i want to show it off.

maybe i dont understand i thought this was the site to show off blender art that was finished?

am i gettnig this wrong…

i dont want to cop a tude but come on…


3d program
3D Studio Max
The current build of the highly successful and reliable
open source program is the basis for the work on this project.

Due to its relative no cost and long list of capabilities it has
been chosen to integrate 3d contributions from all of the participants.

Hmm I didn’t know 3DS Max was open source - when did that happen? :slight_smile:


Questioneth thou the decision of a moderator? Thou shalt suffer unearthly consequences of thine deeds.

If this thread was in Traditional, I’d agree with you, but otherwise, BgDM’s right.

Uh, “members only hunter”, what newsgroups do you subscribe to?

that isnt very “open” of you either.

i listed all of the programs being used by the participants in the project. they are going to be used to model and texture in and then they will be imported into blender where they will be animated and whatever else needed to be done… it isn’t my fault that blender’s modeler isn’t as widely used as some of the other programs… and i wouldn’t presume to tell my volunteers to use a tool they weren’t completly familur with until i got to certain point.

it is like saying i can’t use the cube because it wasn’t first created on blender but originated on some other program… if that was the case why does blender have so many importers and exporters.

i was trying to respectfully dis-agree with the moderator and tryingt o point out that he might not have the whole truth…

the fact remains that the interface for the site was created by me using blender… if you want to be technical it was creted by me using blender, gimp and mozilla composer on my linux box…

i am not trying to create a flame war but i am trying to promote blender as an intergal part of the design and movie creation process. i am trying to put out there what blender can do in a production enviroment… to that end i am trying to stir up some more voulenteers on the blender side- i have several competent modelers that don’t respect blender like i do wroking on the movie and this kind of squabliling doesn’t help…

if you don’t like my work- fine
if you don’t like my ideas- thats okay
if my site isn’t pure enough for you, that it only promotes blender then- i dont’ know what i can do to pleas you.



I agree with members… this appears to be a post to “show” artwork created with blender, not to inform about a site. The artwork just happens to be used in a site.

/my $0.02

members: you might edit the title to read: “new website using blender-generated graphics” or something like that…

Nice work on the images/anims, BTW.

Some quick comments and compliments

I think it is great that you actually have your script written, also seeing some of your fx tests was fun. I’d suggest that if you are going to be using Blender for smoke and flame effects it might be a good idea to try and find someone who has programming talent and see if they would be willing to implement some papers on smoke and flame into Blender though. I can provide you a list of some of the most interesting and useful research.

Your characters page was missing/gave me an error.

Your storyboards section - I’d recommend removing it until you have quite a few more shots given.

Given the amount of dialogue that takes place in your script you’ll likely want much better lip synch tools than are currently available for usage with Blender - otherwise you’ll either have to have really poor quality lip synch or the time spent will be prohibitive. Again this is something I can direct your future TD towards.


thanks for the posative reply-

most of the work in the animaiton set was done as preliminary work and was still in a very raw stage i added som things that were at production level that i did on another production- if interested i can send you those.

i am auctually pleased with the fire and smoke type stuff that is within blender and the animation shown here is still very rudimentary- it is also to note that i was rendering on version 2.34 i think and before i truly understand what i was doing. now i have a better grasp of what i can do and what not. i would still love to hear from anyone that wishes to help and a programer or 2 wouldn’t hurt… i am not a programer nor do i wish to be and to that end wouldn’t have the foggiest wha tone is talking about…

i was reading about some new tools that are integrated to a certain extent to blender-papagyo- that does lip sinc. i have someone already working on this end and i have my own ideas on how to properly implement this process… i see it as a mix between bones and morph targets. targets have the spot on phenomes and bones have the jaw flexability. i have put together a preliminary setup for a character that i have also modeled- i am a character modeler too- that utilizes the bones setup. it isn’t perfect but i think that you can see how i have it setup.

for the cast of charaters page i don’t understand what that isn’t up but i will fix that.

the storyboards page is just a placeholder for right now and will be updatedas the time arises…


it had the wrong address on there

i hope that helps out a bit on the charaters…


this is also going to be a wip and a collab project using this forum to recruit and promote because i intend to use blender for the project.

also if anyone wish to help out visit the volunteer page and drop me a line or just email me

Seems to me that this was the main point of the post, not just the fact that you made the website with Blender, which means it belongs more in News & Chat than in Finished Projects.

And I have no idea what you’re responding to in your third post, because nobody even implied any of the things that you’re arguing against.

i thnk that you are talking about the post right after i got moved from the finished forun to the news forum?

i was just complainging that i got moved thats all…

i’m over it now- except that i still think that this is post about a finished website not a project although it is both…

that is to say the design is finished- there are still bugs that i have to fix…


that isnt very “open” of you either.

I was teasing you about your description at the site :slight_smile: You copied and pasted the description of blender into the description of 3DS Max.


caught me…

i didn’t know what to say because i hate the infernal program soooo much. i am a lightwave user from way back but i have lost my recently into the arms of blender… i still perfer lightwave’s modeler circa 5.6 so that is where i do all of my models.

hey if you look at the bottem i copied the same passage to from the photoshop entry to the combustion and premire entries too.

go figure

hey i don’t mind being teased- it proves that you are really taking a look at the site… maybe, just maybe, i can get some help from this.


OK, I moved the thread because the initial post was to recruit people to your game. That is why it was not to be in Finished Work forum here. It will stay here, as it clearly is a recruiting thread.

That is not an issue here, Just ensure you have it in the correct forums.


that’s cool-

i just guess that i have a difference of opinoin to what is solisiting- i was doing that but within context of showing off what i have done with blender and that it is a viable tool in the workset.

and i am humbled by the fact that you have control over me…

oh well-

just one more thing though-
it is a movie not a game…
petty i know but still important.

witht the utmost respect


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when you’re right… well you’re right…

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in all seriousness i am just trying to do a good job and have some fun, pokin a little fun just comes witht he territory. i have gotten mine.

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