New website

I have just finished remaking my website. The left side has my recent work - unfortunately not done in Blender (I don’t have acess while studying) but is modelled in AutoCAD and rendered in VIZ. The noisy look was originally accidental but I think worked well.


damn. there’s another neil here. ha, oh well.


and a formal surname as well :slight_smile:
( I’m a MacMillan )


Lemme get this straight, the work your showing isn’t Blender?

And we have a winner, that’s right, it’s good old Computer Aided Drafting, my favorite. It would be cool if you can turn Blender into a Cad program with better raytracing and lighting ofcourse.

The stuff done for Aslett Architects (left side of right column) is blender and so is the gothic star vault although rendered in Radiance.


Another Scot Yah :smiley:
Where you from?

Nice Site but it’s not got any blender work on it so you should have probably posted it in off-topic.

Content graphics aside… I’ll give you a 8 of 10 on the site design.
With your coding skills you could easally have made your CV page and Contact page into dynamic layers, a one page kind of site, if you will.
I would have written “in the status field” for the thumbnail onmouseover text, though.
However, the center image can be named, instead of referred to it as “73”, this is better for future expandation.
I’m not sure if this site works with other browsers, you know, NC6, Opera… I can’t check that now, I’ve got IE6.
I partically like how fast I can browse through your work in the center column.

scotland: I’m from glasgow, studying in Edinburgh

[email protected]: I’ve tested in various versions of Netscape, IE, Konqueror and Lynx (the CV and contacts page work). Dynamic layers might be a good idea, something I’d have to work out how to do but I’m sure it’s quite easy, however how compatible is it with older browsers which some people are using.

As for whether this is on topic - nothing states in the forum descriptions that it is only for blender work.