new weirdness - Sorted ;-)


This one is too weird for me to describe in words so I’m posting a sample to begin with.

To reproduce, please

-open the .blend

-create a new cube,

-go into object mode to make it sit up straight etc

-move it around

The arrow thing will always stay in one spot even though I’m in object mode!
Then try selecting any old object at all, they will all mysteriously show you the phantom arrows.


Marco :slight_smile:

edit: solved!

who would want the pivot to be whereever you click around though shudder
Admittedly I’m still a semi newbie…

Does a 3d development suite need to only have features you understand? Perhaps there’s power there that your just not aware of…

I assume you figured out that you needed to change your pivot mode?


indeed I did! :smiley: This is getting deeper as I’m moving along.

I’m not this blinkered arrogant guy.
hehehe! I’m only learning the nuts and bolts of this, I’m aware there is tons of stuff I simply don’t have a clue of (see that other thread).

I was hoping my newbie disclaimer would be enough, but then, this is the internet where emoticons do matter I guess.

In that vein: :o

Try the video tutorials here.

He covers almost all the key tools in Blender. (including pivots) :wink:


cool cool…thx :smiley: