New window panel design disorientation

Am I the only one finding the new curved and thick-bordered design for blender 2.8 really disorienting to use? I’m not sure if it’s down to the rounded corners rather than the etched corners, but when using 2.8, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to merge panels consistently, either splitting them or just not grabbing the correct spot.
I’m not saying that the rounded borders are a bad look, but I do think that the etched corners of < 2.7 are much less ambiguous about what is a grab point and what isn’t.


I’m not really sure what could be done to help this with the current 2.8 UI design.


Hi, I second this, grabbing panels is more difficult.
You can set thickness of borders in User Preferences > Interface.

Cheers, mib

In @William’s original 2.8 design document, the corners were more distinct. I think the design ought to be implemented.

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Lord I can’t fathom why they haven’t put that in yet, at least as an option.
Does kind of remind me of the menus from Ratchet and Clank though (not that that’s a bad thing)


Actually I notice they aren’t on the topbar, maybe it interfered with the design, if so that’s a really crummy reason to not give us the option to have corner wedges.

I would much rather they implemented some kind of hover behaviour so you can clearly see via an icon or change of appearance of the corner which way the panel will split. I find that sometimes in 2.79 I split panels the wrong way and there is no indication which way the split will happen until it’s too late and I have to remerge them and try again.

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Ever since it was changed/implemented, i was bothered by this (also posted quite a few times already - am tired of repeating). And it haven’t changed since. Can’t adapt, it is really fat as in cluttering fat.

  1. Thick option was already in, but is now changed to thin (so thick became fat & obese… WTF?)!!!
    And NO, THERE’S NO MORE THIN OPTION! (even when there’s such a word written)

  2. If everywhere rounding/sharpening is possible, why not here (editor corners)??? Also, it was mentioned (at the time it was removed) that these ‘in-corner markers’ will be back… When?

Yep, it wasn’t great before, but at least there were those arrows to merge/split the screen, but now even those are gone and i have no idea where to click. Also situation is worsened by that tiny radius at which the window splitting is activated, if it was set up with wider threshold or with change in a color of the corners - the problem wouldn’t exist.