New WIP - Update #15 - Pg. 6 - Jan. 21

Based loosely off an imgae I saw at a concept art website:

About 2 hours worth of work so far. Should have the model done today.

May texture it, may not. May give it to you all to play with and see what you can come up with for textures too. :wink:


Looks good so far.

ahhh something new from the man they called a machine of blending! =D

Looking great, seems like some sort of squid thing? no crits yet, cant wait to see what you come up with next =)

Yah, squid was the first thing that popped into my head too. Can’t wait to see it finished.

well…if you do want to put some sorta texture on it…

use the new orange node based materials.

please :]

anyone else think admiral ackbar when the saw this?

looking great so far (as usual)!

did you have something texture-wise in mind already?

It really might be a fun little project to give the model out and to see what people come up with for textures…

Update time!

Thanks guys.

LohnC: Sort of a squidish thing, yes. And I am no machine. All man baby!! :stuck_out_tongue:

nehpets: I may do that. Have to get a build, but that shouldn’t be a problem. I hope. :o :stuck_out_tongue:


anyone else think admiral ackbar when the saw this?

I thought Molluck the Glukkon from Oddworld :slight_smile:

yeah, they just released a new build up at the forums. it renders and everything, you should play with it :] its fun stuff

Thanks again all.

I have finished my UV layout and started on a bump/displacement map. Should have something decent for you all to look at tomorrow morning.


Funny shape.

I have to say I really like the way you make your wrinkles. Me jealous…

the wrinkles remind me of clothe actually…if it weren’t something organic(like it is) i would say the whole thing is made out of thin sheets :]

Looks quite good so far. I always enjoy seeing stuff from you BgDM, always a good source of inspiration for my own works :slight_smile:
I’m loving the top part of the head, but I’d agree that the lower half looks much more like cloth than skin, but I’m sure this’ll change when you get to texturing.
Any chance of a wireframe?


Start of bump map:

Have to add some more to it and tweak some things on it yet. Very early stages.

Sago: Thanks. Wrinkles are actually very easy to do. Just takes patience and a bit of edge pushing is all. Plus lots of loop cuts to get the added edges you need to add the fine detail.

Nehpets: Hmmmm… cloth, eh? Well, hopefully once I get some more texture work done on the bottom portion, it will look better and not so cloth like.

mr_bomb: Thanks man. And here is a wire, as requested.


looking pretty yummy :]

i am(as always) amazed by your modeling…why don’t you do this more often ? sigh o well.

oh, and about the cloth thing, it was meant more as a compliment…your wrinkles seem to be very natural and flowing like cloth. which is a good thing.

Geez man! are you using ZBrush on that MoFo? Lookin’ hot bro.

Fo Shizzle !


K, bump map for the top of the head is now complete, I think:

Time to start the bottom and the tusks. Then colour map time.

lol! Nope. All hand painted and customized textures in PS. One of these days I will get Zbrush and I will have tons of fun with that. :wink:


looks really cool, is the lower part a bit of torso or an extra large chin? are you going to do a body?

whats his name ?