new woman face

Hehe im back ( not shure if u remember last time I was here :stuck_out_tongue: )

but im just got finished a new model ( woman link )

( hope the link works )

Kinda scary how she’s sliced into pieces.

Looks like a good start. Your model doesn’t seem to acknowledge the muscle and bone understructure of a head though. The eyebrow ridge should stick out more, with the nose piece directly under it forced in a little more. Additionally your cheek bones should be a little higher and more horizontal. Your chin should be brought up a little. The lower sides of the face (around the chin) are very narrow, you might consider fleshing them out a little.

If you aren’t using reference pictures, I highly reccomend them. I’m not particulary talented at modeling heads myself so maybe someone else has more in depth of a critique.

Thanks Ouroboros :slight_smile: I know its better to use reference pictures, but I cant seem to get the thing working ( dont know how to fix it in blender only in 3d max ).

I fixed som other stuff on her, hope that helps, also forgot to say C/C are very welcome :slight_smile:

forgot her eybrows gona fix that to the next update :slight_smile:

and kinda frustrating to model after your drawings, cant seem to get it to look right, but now there is a new update in the link

btw its more manga stuff I trying to do, så its not totaly realety stuff im modeling :slight_smile:

Ahhh, the neck in your most recent two updates is way too skinny. The face is very good though; it looks very feminine. Will you be modeling the entire body or just the head?

I know its skinny, thats the point :slight_smile: her body is thinner than the head ( I drawed her that way ) and im working on her body right now so, updates will come soon :slight_smile: ( I know its looks funny in 3d, but looks cool in 2d )

Damn forgot to ask if there is a tut or somthing about reference pictures in blender ( wanna try to model Natalie Portman ) I can do it in 3d max but wanna do it in blender :slight_smile:

make sure you’re in the 3D view and look at the bottom of that window for the view menu. Click View -> Background Image. Then click Use Background Image. Remember that you can hold down shift and click to manually edit a value.

The forhead should come out a bit more and the head should extend a bit further to the back.

It’s looking quite nice now.

This is my 3th time I update my page :smiley: ough…
but I updated the head now, hope its work better now and thanks again with the reference pictures, when im finish with modeling the girl, I will get on modeling natalie :wink:

Yes please make a Natalie Portman for us, we’ll appreciate it. :smiley: