New word to distinguish between "free" and "free"?

In the open source concept, there is often the necessity to distinguish between “free” when referring to freedom and “free” when referring to something that costs nothing.

I would like to propose a new word that can be used to describe “free as in freedom” that can be used to distinguish between the two.

Since there are no words in English that contain three consecutive letters, I propose “Freee”. :smiley:

Anyone have a different/better suggestion?



“Most firms don’t really care that the software is libre, as in freedom, but that it is gratis, as in beer.” - a quote of a text, about open source programs. Though, where I found it, it was only mentioned that it’s quoted from there, without a link or exact location given…

besides, if you called it “Freee” People would confused with typo’s. You might have a new person come to the thread and have no Idea what your talking about.

If you were to have such a word, I recommend one you won’t find in a dictionary maybe? That way there is no confusion. If there is, say when a new person comes in, they can ask about the word and they can be informed by a nice individual on the forms to fill them in hopefully. .

Free software does not need another name as non libre software is almost always labelled as freeware or shareware.

Interesting to see the words libre and gratis applied to distinguish between the two main flavours of none-commercial software.

I like that free is used meaning different to freeware/shareware etc. Still, the usage of the word “free” is still confusing with respect to software. English has so many words and yet it’s riddled with double meanings and redundant alternatives.

I’m going to try and adopt the terms libre and gratis. They seem to be a nice way of distinguishing in colloquial terms.

I love that about English…

it gives good poetry, double entendres and layered meanings… it adds richness and subtlety to the language… and good nob gags.

on the thread… free is free

they may take our lives, but they’ll never take… OUR FREEDOM!

Free as in free sex ? How often is sex free, hehe.

perhaps we should all speak our own new language? Blendese?