new work ( maybe 2 be ff7 style )

Okay, I just started this earlier today and ran into a few problems
The ugly white thing is meant to be glass, but 4 some reason it is white and the alpha is not what I set it to. Also the glowing thing is meant 2 be materia, any1 know any good ways to make it look liquidy? Still using 2.37 but will upgrade any day now. C&C welcome and appreciated

It looks like the white thing is not specular enough.
Here are some nice materials you can use.

Marteria doesn’t glow, but if you want to make it liquidly, you have to be more specific. Do you mean like inside the glass there is liquid? Or the whole thing? If it’s liquidly, then that means that it is mako, still.

looks nice, very clean lines, only crit would be that the chain on the roof doesnt look very real in the sense that i dnt think i a chain would hang like that.

I’ve just been playin’ FF7 and the effect I want is like the materia Aeris drops when Sephiroth kills her, liquid inside the glass. Seems to glow from the inside.
The chains were my first attempt with dupliframes and just really to see if I could use them, will tweak them more.

Also in FF7 there are usually many small objects lying around and I can’t really tell if they are 2d or 3d. Probably make them in 3d though