new work (yes, metaballs are still alive.. heh)

(kerosene) #1


here’s my new work:

used blender & gimp (what else? hehe)

i hope u like it.
tell me, what u think. :slight_smile:

(Free Mars) #2

Good job,

Now I know what to do with Metaballs. Well not really but it sure sounded good.

(ScottishPig) #3

Wonderful work- nothing suprising. You’re works are truly masterpieces- now I am inspired to play with my [meta]balls. Uhmmm. Excuse me while I get my mind out of the gutter.

Again, great work. Keep it up.

(S68) #4

Cool :slight_smile:

Looks like mataballies are reflecting your last masterpiece :wink:


(VelikM) #5

Metaballs that is :wink: very artistic.