new works from nakthespider

heres some new stuff first the glass bubble picture and second a water animation (sorry ill link it here when its done finalising on youtube) so tell me what ya think


sorry it took so long i fell asleep and forgot to update the link for th water anim i did so here it is


I suggest you should try this tutorial to make your glass make look more realistic:

Then about the video: Nice material settings only the background doesnt really fits the scene lol get rid of it please:D

Nothing more to say but I do suggest you some more tutorials since your new to blender.

Thats the full docimentation about blender you can simply find anything in it read it well.


ok ill start on that but the image is what its refelcting it was set as a morror because i didnt know how to set stuff as see throu but i got it now when im dont ill get that working