new workstation advice

Hi all,

This is my new home graphic workstation to use with Blender and other stuff like digital drawing with Corel and Wacom tablet and compositing/editing in After Effects…

cpu : Intel Core 2 Duo Q9300 Quad Core
mobo : Asus P5Q
RAM : 4GB Kingston pc6400 800mhz
GPU : nvidia quadro fx 570
hdd : western digital for sure , still have to buy it but maybe 2x320 gb in raid 1 config
other :wacom intuos 3 a5 , 200gb western digital in esata external box drive to keep important data safe
…any advice are welcome :smiley:

I am blunt… you seem to have troubles with present tense, past tense and future ^^
Is this what you want to buy? Because it sounds like you already have this machine… and what advice you want then?

I don´t know what your skill level is and what software you use and if you are generalist, or sculpter or sub-d mesher, archviz…
But the fx570 is rather a cheap card. I think you would be (would have been) better off with a 8800GT(S)X or a 9800 GTX for openGL… the few features the 570 has more can easily be unlocked with a NVstrap driver.
And i would have bought the Q9550. its only a little bit more expensive but has 12MB Cache which is a huge advantage for rendering. (And its not Core2Duo Quad, but Core2Quad.)