New YafaRay v3.0.2-beta for Blender v2.77a released!

If you have other YafaRay versions or forks installed, please try removing them from the addons folder.

I cleared everything, every trace from old versions but the same problem remains… I click ‘render’ and nothing happens…

Will you please post here the log you are getting?

What operating system are you using? And Blender version?


This time I compiled the Linux builds with an older compiler to have better compatibility with older Linux distros. Unfortunately these builds cannot load the ImageFilm now!

I have to think whether to rebuild them with the original compiler or to change the code so it can load the film correctly with the older compiler.

When I upload the new builds I will let you know.

Solved! It was a camera issue. The old version worked with the already existent camera of the previous renderer (the one existing before switching to Yafaray render mode). Now, the new version needs the creation of a new camera.

If it is easy to deal with the issue it would be good to keep the old camera. It is just a matter of making things easy.


As I suspected, the problem with v3.0.1 Linux builds and failing ImageFilm loading was due to incomplete std::regex implementation in GCC v4.8.4

I had to change the code to solve that problem and use another way instead of std::regex. So, I’ve now released v3.0.2-beta with this issue solved and still compiled with GCC v4.8.4 and therefore compatible with older Linux versions as Ubuntu 14.04, etc.

I have updated the download links in the first post.

Changes from v3.0.1-beta to v3.0.2-beta:

  • ImageFilm load, fix failing load when compiling with GCC v4.8.4

hi, I’m looking for some yafaray materials to include in matlibvx materials lib in addons contrib & blender nightly builds.
requirements are :
must be in .blend & append-able to new file.
must work out of the box when yafaray is used in blender.
must be under 200kb.
Time is short!
I’ll be finished the materials & external renderer component of the addon (presets) within a few days.

Other renderers supported are :lux,(complete) vray (in progress) obviously cycles & bi.
only thing missing is yafaray.
Would be great to include you.
thanks. pm me when you have the file.

Hi! I wanted to try out this version but every time I try render something I get the “ERROR: Environment: Specify a camera!!” message in the console. This happens also in a clean scene, just a camera, one object and one light.

Any idea why this happens? Thanks!


Do you have any other version or fork of YafaRay installed?

If yes, please try again removing them first physically from the Blender addons folder (move them to a temporary folder if you don’t want to delete them).

Due to Blender addons architecture, it’s very difficult to ensure several YafaRay versions/forks can work “in parallel”. With v3 I could get it only partially, but in many cases it just does not work and YafaRay v3 needs to be “alone”.

Also, if you see an error message in the Console like “file too short”, sometimes in Linux people decompress the zip in a Windows system first and some links are not generated. In Linux is better to decompress the zip file directly in Linux to avoid that to happen. If this is your case you can also try that…

I hope it helps.

thanks for your answer. I had already deleted all other version of yafaray installed, but it didn’t work. However I will have to double check in case something was left there.

about the second method, if I understand correctly it is for linux users? I forgot to say, I am on win10 64bit.

Please will you send me the YafaRay log?

sure… please just tell me how can I get it

hi any news mate? still waiting new Material system :slight_smile:

Thank You, I tried and got the result .


I’m sorry but I’ve been extremely busy at work lately with very little time and energy at the end of the day to work on YafaRay. I hope I can resume working on YafaRay soon!

Thanks and best regards.

Okey, Of course mate! Just one thing: why when I rendered the image, the image had been white aliased corners? Is it possible add portal area light (like Cycles has it. Note: see the tutorial about Light portal from Blenderguru)?

Yafaray already has portals, as well as photon only lights. Portals are in object properties, photon only is under Advanced settings in the lamp properties.

It’s probably better to post feature requests at as the developers are more likely to see it there.

Thanks Organic, I know it. I mean is it Portal reduced some noises in the image or it just named ‘Portal’?

I’m not sure what you are asking.

Portals are a form of lighting, it’s not related to noise reduction.

If you are having difficulty clearing noise, it could be caused by bad lighting choices or bad render settings, but this is not the place to post support requests.