New Years Animation!

I debated where to put this, because the animation consists about equally of dry-erase animation and blender work. So, I’ll put it here I guess.

As the vid description says, its a school project, but I would consider it more of a technical test. I just wanted to see how it would work to integrate the two mediums. It turned into a lot of work very fast! :eek: Its still pretty rough in spots, but eh…it’s time to move on.

Anyways, tell me what you think!

Cute snowman, nice work :slight_smile:

heheyyy dude … good one … i like the motion … but instade of making glittering colorful effect you could make snow coming from paper …but this looks nice too

gr8 work …

keep it up

Very impressive. Stop Motion Animation is becoming a lost art. Your video also had excellent compositing.

Excellent work!

Great work, very original. Beautiful !

Well done!

Your work is really appreciable buddy…