New Year's Eve

this picture is completly done in 3 days. Its rendered in Cycles. The charakters I create with dyntopo and the bsurface add-on. A powerfull combination.
Postpro in Gimp, but only the trail from the rockets.


the front view:


Wow, really good picture! Very Atmospheric! It’s really deep Thoughtful! And I love the design! Two thumbs up!

this is a beautiful work, so evocative, great atmosphere… I’d easily see it in the gallery. Being it a cycles render is even more surprinsigly because of the night shot with dark lights. Is this rendered night time or is a daytime shot converted to night in post process?
The only critic I can move is the trail of the fireworks, which accordingly to your post is the only part done in gimp, I don’t like the way it blurs in sky, maybe because fireworks are usually sharp and well defined. Maybe you could try a bit of motion blur directly in cycles.

Congratulations again!

This is simply amazing, I dont understand how great pieces of work like this receive sooo few repplies, 5 stars from me, its beautiful!

Seems like the fireworks take centre stage in your first picture above, when the reaction of the two characters to the fireworks would be more interesting to base your composition on, IMO. Awesome work, nonetheless! 5 stars from me.

this is all-around awesome, nice work.