New Years Resolutions?

(acasto) #1

I have quite a big one. To get my life up and going on a good path, to get able to support myself (and hopefully get my own place), and to turn 21 :slight_smile:

(rwv01) #2

That’s an excellent resolution acasto!
One worthy of respect. I hope all goes well.
My suggestion for getting established is to keep your expenses low.
Explore every way to get them down as far as possible within your
requirements for a good location and security. Get used to staying within your budget, then you can go whereever you want from there.

Also, if you go this rout, get a responsible roommate with a job . Having two separate incomes can help you both weather the storms and it’s good to have the company.

Best wishes.

(Alltaken) #3

well actualy a good method of gaining wealth is to save up enough for a mortgage deposite and rather than paying rent to a land lord, put it into your house and also get a roommate/flatmate.

i don’t know how much a house is worth over there but here it is the best way to go as interest is less than rent

at the end of it (any time yo want to leave) just sell it and you have cash in your hand.

rather than paying rent which you will never see again.

i shall own a house by 23

just a sugestion (my parents are landlords) (maybe you have apartments were you come from but here it is mainly quarter acre sections)

have fun

i have personaly never made a new years resolution cause i have never had a reason.

have fun and a happy new year

(Al_Capone) #4

Mine is to burn down Democracy and the UN :smiley:

(VelikM) #5

My only resolution is to try and wake up breathing every morning, and to stay out of the obituaries.