New Years Vacation

its that time of year to go on a vacation for nnew years

our family always goes on a vacation by car somewhere for new years but this year we have no idea where to go

any one know of any good destinations no further then about Quebeck Canada for us to travel for some sigh seing and snowboarding.

We are located in New York, New York and just want to see if any one know of any interasting destinations

I live in Quebec and you’ve got some great ski resorts over there. Montreal and Quebec City have great sites, too. It’s like a North American portal to Europe. And for a great ski resort go to Mont Tremblant. If that’s all too far the U.S. has some great ski resorts as well:)

Mont Blanc is also pretty nice and a lot cheaper than Tremblant (pretty much the same distance from Montreal too).


whats there to do in quebec?? we originaly wanted to go there…

EDIT: any phone numbers or websites of these resorts?? couze that got me a bit interasted

Well if it’s a “family” thing then you have numerous restaurants, great museums and some really interesting activities and attractions in Vieux Montreal (Old Downtown) during the evenings. If you were going with friends I’d suggest a bunch of nightclubs but I guess that’s not the case. You’ve got the winter festival coming up soon, I forgot when, and I guess you could go to some malls and stuff:p - Mont Tremblant site - Mont Blanc - Montreal tourism info

gota look into that, its technicaly 3 adults as im 18 as well… and my parents…

right now looking into flights to wikiki as well lol just in case all this doesnt turn out with the car
couze we like to book stuff before we actualy leave

anyways, more comments and feeback is greatly apresiated

Haha forget Montreal go to Hawaii you lucky bastard!:stuck_out_tongue:

lol i just saw the flight time… 25.5 hours doesnt sound like a nice flight… so thats flying the hek out the window lol… gota find something else…

try Colorado - there’s a lot of places to snowboard (although there’s probably a really long flight)

i was just finding out more info about this little resort located in

Saint-Sauveur, thats probobly where imana stay, its only like 45 minutes away from montreal, and theres a lot of the things offered there that we are looking for

ok problem solved

saint souver canada is where im going, dunno how to spell it thou lol

Quebec City is fantastic to visit in the winter. Lots to do and great restaurants.

Ottawa is also a nice place to go and see the sites, etc. Can go skating down the Rideau canal for miles at night. Just gorgeous to do that with all the city light around you. Lots of great museums as well to see there.


Saint Sauveur, and good choice. My friends tell me it’s pretty cool over there:)

thanks for the tips guys

that reservation came out to fairly cheap as well

for 3 people 3 nights and 4 days, with all food included and the new years party was only 1304.06 canadian buks… which is like nothing compared to the prices here

Are you calling us cheap??:mad:

Lol yeah the canadian buck did save my arse a few times but sometimes prices are 100 times lower in the U.S. Oh yeah and gas prices over here are much cheaper…heh.heh…:cool:

lol im not even American, personally id prefer Canada over US but i just happen to live here