New York rooftop patio

Hello fellow Blender Artists, this is my first post here so be gentle.
I did this quick project to see the difference between Blender internal Render and Octane Render. I haven’t used the Blender internal for awhile and was very impressed with the speed and quality.

Everything was modelled by me except the 2 tree types and also the plant in the cylindrical pot. I’m not the best with organic modelling.

If you would like to see a full write-up about the project, please go and visit my website and it will be under the page “Latest 3d”. You will also see the final render done with Octane.

Comments are always welcomed.

Nice scene I like the modelling and the idea, the cushions are the great, the only real let down for me is the plant pot just left of the chair, I think maybe needed to have a normal map on it to give it a clay feel, only subtle detail mind you. I love that you have modelled some buildings for the background as well, instead of just slapping an image over the sky like most people (including myself on occasion) would do lol would love to see a version on a sunny day with some nice shadows and the like, I think that would really help sell it :slight_smile: it might even be possible to do it in post comp looking at it, maybe up the contrast, but would need to change the sky as well… anyway i like it well done :slight_smile:

wow, your works are beautiful!

Wow! Very nice work there, and i wouldnt have guessed this was rendered in blender internal either :wink: I think the smoggy look that youve got goin on works really because of where this house is…in the city. I also agree with what zalewskitsf10 said, a daylight version of this would make this look like magazine material :slight_smile: Quick question, did u model these pieces (ie: couch, chair buildings) in blender? Your models look very realistic…keep up the great work.

really nice. I love urban scenes.

Try this: Open the image in GIMP or Photoshop, duplicate the layer, blur 200px, bump the saturation of the blurred layer way up, and set the blend type to soft light. You could also do that in blender composite nodes, if you wanted to. It gives it a look much more like the octane render. More dynamic, if you know what I mean.

Thank you all for you great comments. I am going to render out a daylight scene when I have some time for you guys to see.
spacetug : I will try your technique for the next render.
fpsgod17 : yes all modelling is done in Blender, I got the 2 trees types from Blendswap and the small plant, but modelled the flowers and grass in the square pots. I’m not good with organic modelling os try get models where I can. But everything else was modelled by myself for this scene.
zalewskitsf10 : I also usually use a image for the background(quick and easy) but really wanted a more realistic feel so just decided to do it and surprisingly it didn’t take too long.

For the sky yeah i wouldn’t have expected cloud modelling :p, just the fact that you made your own buildings helping the 3d feel and the depth and scale, so kudos :slight_smile:

Very nice screenshot! While the distant view seems a little fuzzy!