New york test

–edit-- I’ve made a new threat with an update on it. Go there by clicking here! --edit–

This is a test I did using one stock photo from DeviantArt and using only Blender 2.46.
Left one is version 1, b/w and small.
Right one is version 2, sepia and big.

I tried camera mapping but found out the “Project from view” UV-calculation is much handier since you can see your model textured in the 3D-view.

It was done using one stock photo from New York. I used the nodes; defocus, vector blur, color ramp and sharpen.

I have school exams next week so I may not be able to work on this a lot the next days, but I am happy with this little test and hope to find more time to work on it.

Hope you like it and have some critics, comments or tips.


That looks really cool! All the compositing was done in Blender right?

holy crap thats amazing, good job!

Wow, this has a really great miniature atmosphere. How exactly did you accomplish this? It seems to me that if you projected an image to your mesh there would be little room for camera movement.

yes it’s all done with blender

and indeed there is no big room for camera movement, but I used a glow, high contrast, lots of defocus blur as well as motion blur to disguise that. I also copied buildings from places with higher detail to places where it was difficult to get detail without huge stretching, although there is still a crazy amount of stretching in the final render (witch took no more than 5 seconds to render for each frame btw!)

wire / 3d view
uv projection

wow thats great! i tried some camera mapping in the past and found it really difficult to match up perspective. is it any easier lining things up with the uv projection? especially with that many buildings i would think your alignment would need to be really exact!

Dude this is a little more than a test! I was actually stunned. Fantastic idea and great presentation.

thanks guys. i’ve re-rendered the whole thing, added a breakdown and made a new threat. see you there!

new york - animation

Just about when I thought I have seen everything and along comes this. Very impressive!