Newb at python qwestion

Just started going threw A Byte of Python (could not find anything else to start so went here hope it is good enough for blender games) I am running the 3.0 on a windows machine. On the tutorials after the code has been written it gives what the out put say the very first line comes up with $ python When I run my programs it has yet to say anything like that but the programs do run though. Does this happen only on linux machines or am I doing something wrong? Also I am writing the programs in a new window under idle then saving them. The only way I found out to run these is under that window. Is there a way I can run these right under idle where the three arrows are or would I have to open a new window and run it from there?

To make python scripts on windows you can use the notepad or any code editor (like code::blocks) you must save the file with the .py extension and to run you just need to double click it or run in a terminal “python <>” (without the <>).