Newb Help....Saving Rendered Image.

So I just finished the balloons tutorial that is on the the blender tutorial page. I render and everything looks great…now how do I save that bad boy? I have always used the output section in the render menu. But it doesn’t seem to be working. I try to go to “file” > “Save rendered image” but that is not an option (do I have to be in a certain mode or window?). I also tried f3…but my stupid Mac is using the key to do some other weird thing, and I can’t seem to get it turned off. Help?

Thanks in advance!

PS I’m using 2.5 and tried both PNG and JPEG

Use Image / Save as from the render window or hold the Fn + F3 key on your mac keyboard

Thank you for the super fast reply! I’m not sure about the first option…but the Fn + F3 worked perfectly!