newb help - textures shimmer when animated

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I’ve only been on the blender learning curve for about a month or so now, so I’m sure there’s an easy answer for this one. I hope. Basically I have a very simple object that is textured with an image (it’s the kitchen tops in the attached image), this renders well for a single frame but when animated the light dances over it like a mad thing giving a wholly unrealistic effect. I’ve only one light in the scene & I think I may have set smooth on in the objects mesh properties, but nothing else that I can think of that will be doing this. Incidently, the sink has no texture, just a material & doesn’t shimmer.

I would have included the blend file but you can’t upload them here I see, seems strange in a blender forum but I’m sure there are good reasons.

Anyway, many thanks to anyone that can nudge me in the right direction.



u[load it here:

Have you tried selecting all verts of the offending mesh , in editmade, and removing doubles? Do this via the menu invoked via “W” key.

Thanks for the reply & the link, no doubles on the object - tbh it’s little more than a cube with a curved edge.

blend file here…

animation of the weirdness here…

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It took me a while to figure this one out. The problem is that you have the countertop meshes “Set Smooth”. Select each mesh individually in objectmode, go to editbuttons (F9) and press “Set Solid” on the links and materials tab.
Edit: You also need to recalculate normals outside.