Newb modeling space scene and simple model

Hi there, I’ve actually been using Blender (mostly for explosions) for a couple weeks, if I add all of my time used since I ever started it. I have only started modeling earnestly recently, like a week or a 9 days. I like it. I did some tuts before and always had a hard time. Anyways, here’s my work so far, or the best of. Please let me know what you think. Both are simple, I know. Thanks, and also, thanks for making me feel so welcome here too.

Hi and welcome. :slight_smile:

I like your models and your cup material. Think about having our objects cast shadows.

Thank you. Here’s a render with some shadows.

I am always amazed by how quickly new artists are able to learn 3d. I guess its the availability of good video tutorials compared to 15 years ago, or maybe I’m not as smart as I think i am =).
Anyway great start, keep it up!

Disciplefk, I think the day amount for me is longer compared to others. I really put in some time in those days. Long days. Nothing from that scene was from a tut. I learned how to model a wine glass about a week and a half ago and now that I learned the modeling technique, I’m able to apply it to other objects. I’ve basically just tweaked the bevel and ss modifiers until I understood them better. Same with Ray Mirror and Ray Trans. I have looked here and seen modeling techniques when I was not blending. Thanks for the support.