Newb Q: Mac/Trackpad magically switches from Rotate to Pan

Sorry if this is a known thing but I’m stonkered, for some magic reason pretty quickly on a Mac Pro with a Trackpad 2.0 (which is brilliant, much better than Linux/Windows for me due to the sophisticated tracking) it switches from Rotate mode to Pan mode. In the Pan mode key commands also work oddly or don’t work at all. It also is a sticky setting and the only way to get out is to click outside the window and back in, that I’ve figured out.


I have the trackpad set to default settings in System Preferences
Blender is set to defaults
“Shift-A” will make the switch from Pan to Rotate
In general there’s input goofiness that I don’t see on Linux or Windows
This is a new computer installation; from scratch with just a few other apps installed first.


I think this might be an Apple bug. I did reboot the computer at one point thinking something was horribly goofed, but it still occurred. Then I started to suspect that control keys were getting stuck, because it switches to pan/zoom mode when you do that. Anyhow I tried plugging in the trackpad via the Lightning cable and voila, it is working now, for the moment at least. Will continue to monitor.

Scratch that, still seems to be an issue.

UPDATE: I found that hitting the command key goes into dolly mode, and when released leaves it in Pan mode. This is unlike a normal installation (which I checked on another computer) where hitting command puts it temporarily into Pan mode, which goes back to Rotate on release. I couldn’t find the setting but anyhow I deleted my preferences file from the disk and started from scratch, and now it seems to be fixed! Somehow I got a munged setup.