Newb Qeustion about Pics/Textures

I am a total newb/noob. My apologies. So, I am under a time crunch now with the holidays. Basically, I want to create a few walls with actual photographs as the “texture/material” and have the camera move between them. What I’m running into is that the image itself seems to move either with the object or camera – I can’t get it to “fix” to the object itself. I’ve no idea why as when I use Blender on another computer for other various projects, I haven’t had this problem.

I realize it’s a stupid question and (I hope) likely an obvious answer, but I really can’t sort it out. If you can help, thank you so much and happy holidays!

UV unwrap the object and apply the texture to the object mapped to these UVs

If you just want the texture added to a plane use the ‘Add Images as Planes’ addon that comes with blender