Newb question - Import a logo to extrude?

Hello all! A brief introduction and a question. My name is Chris, I live in Ohio, and have been doing 3D graphics for about 18 years. I started learning on an original Video Toaster with Lightwave, switched to softimage in about 1996, and worked with various forms of softimage until just this week. With the demise of my copy of softimage XSI 4.0, I’m making the jump to Blender. I’m actually already making progress on a project, but I kknow this will come up sooner or later. Is there a way to import a graphic file (softimage would do .eps files) of a logo, and convert it to either curves or faces for extrusion? I’ve been working through the manual for a couple days, and haven’t seen anything, but I’m concerned it’s a nomenclature issue. Already having fun with the software, and looking to get involved in the community. Thanks! cv:D

Take your .eps file and open it in either Inkscape or Illustrator. Save it out as SVG file. Then open up Blender and choose import SVG. This will give you a curve in the view port. Curves have built in features which allow you to parametrically extrude and bevel them. So no more modeling is needed.

Thank you very much! Times have changed, as have file types, and I don’t do nearly as much 3D as I used to!