Newb question: losing rendered image on closing

Is there a way to not be losing my rendered images whenever blender closes?
Feels like I’m missing something obvious.

I have no problems getting images out through the save menu or a file output node, but I have multiple interdependent scenes and I have to render everything again when I close and reopen blender.

First off, welcome to the community, @rsteadman555! Good question! I can’t find it mentioned explicitly in the manual, but yes, you have to save your render output to file if you want to keep it.

Thank you! I figured out my issue (the obvious — saving the image!), and converted my scene comp to use saved EXR Multilayer in Image Nodes rather than Render Layers with the appropriate scene and view layer selected.

That an EXR Multilayer in an Image Node stores the view layer and nodes for my passes blew my mind!

There’s an option on the Image Node>Properties Panel called ‘View As Render’ that I checked, though I’m not sure what it’s actually doing haha.

Thanks for the reply!