newb questions

hello I am working on my first game with the blender engine. It is a 2 player game where each player controls a sphere and tries to to knock the other sphere off the arena. the questions I have are: how do I change the bounciness of the collisions? How do I make a collision mesh? (which I don’t need now,) can I use composite nodes in the game? how do I render the game and export it? Also if anybody has a menu script or a tutorial on how to make one that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

For the bounciness, I’m pretty sure if you lower the damping on the object, it will bounce (or slide) further. Not sure if that is what you mean though.

As for the collision mesh - Under the logic tab, instead of setting the object to static, do rigid body or dynamic. But dynamic doesn’t tip over.

Not sure about composite nodes, sorry.

And you don’t render the game…but you can export it as a .exe under file – save runtime (i think). But watch out for legal issues with the .exe.

I thought I saw a menu template in the game resources area…try there.

Good luck with your game!

thank you I will try it out

damping doesn’t work, I want the spheres to bounce off each other when they hit

also I can’t export as a .exe anywhere

for the making them more bouncy. in the materials menu under the material tab. the are 3 buttons. RG,HSV, and DYN. select dyn and you will have a set of sliders. the first one will change the collision bounce of an object.

to render the game you go to the button at the top and press game then press record game physics to IPO . the you can render like normal

where do I render it as a game file?

I want to put my game on my website so how would I do that? it was made using

ok, sorry you go to file save game as runtime

sweet but there isn’t any way to use composite nodes or mirroring effects still?

i think there is but i dont know how. would be nice to to know myself

is there any way I can make it so when I push a button the game restarts?

Get a Scene actuator and set it to restart.

what and where is a scene actuator?

Check out the BGE wiki. It will show you how to set up a restart key command.

Is the exact tutorial.