Newb - why is this metal object well lit, but the metal plate underneath it, is poorly lit?

I have this metal knob, sitting on a metal plate. The knob is lit well, but the plate underneath is not.
And the plate should be since its a bright metal material.
There are no lights in my scene, just a HDRI. Any ideas ?

Here’s my material for my plate object:

Here’s my HDRI world settings. If I turn up the Brightness, it does positively effect the plate, but it over-exposes the knob and makes the knob far too bright.


If I tilt the plate, it does get the right light eventually. But “rotating” the HDRI image does not work and bring extra light to the plate when I’m looking from Top view.

So maybe add some lights (like areas) to get the good reflection?

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Yes, I tried adding an area light from above, but it does add light to the knob - and the knob brightness I am already happy with.

The flatness of the object is the cause. Turn down your hdri and add a light over the knob and panel that adds specular highlight to the panel but not illuminate the knob so much. Then turn up the hdri to get it back to your desired look.
This isn’t going to work as you want with only one light source.
Someone may come along to show better.

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I think this is correct. When I turn the roughness up, it attracts more light.
The plate is supposed to be brushed metal. I’m going to try and add some bump to it, see if that helps.

@UnCommonGrafx … thanks for the tip… I did add some bump to it and the HDRI is giving me what I want now. I also added a subtle area light which helps.